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R.I.P NICK MENZA former Megadeth drummer


nick menza, megadeath drummer

R.I.P Nick Menza, 1964-2016

Hello True Metal Juggalo Family!

I have very sad news to share about ex-drummer of Megadeth, Nick Menza. Nick was currently drumming with a metal band called OHM:. OHM: was playing a show May 21st, at a venue named The Baked Potato in Studio City,CA. Three songs into the band’s performance, Nick appeared to have seizure-like symptoms, but, in fact, was a massive heart attack. He was administered CPR and proper medical attention as the EMT’s rushed him to the hospital. Sadly, he was pronounced dead upon arrival at a young age of 51.

Nick played drums with Megadeth for 9 years! He drummed for the most of the memorable 1989 album, Rust In Peace  as well as “Countdown to Extinction”,Youthanasia”, I could go on! All the classic early Megadeth headbanging songs we all know and love.

We will never forget you, Nick! You are a MEGADRUMMER in all our hearts! THANK YOU for always rocking the drums as well as our ears!

R.I.P Nick Menza,

~ MzHollyw00d

\m/ I ROCK, You ROCK, Together, WE ROCK! \m/

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