Random Horror Oddities Found

Random Horror Oddities Found all over the web are the ones that are the most interesting. These Random Horror Oddities can be found down below.
I, myself, is very fond of the Random Horror Oddities that I find all over the internet. I guess you can say that I am a dark individual. But hey, if its oddities and its horror, I am down for it. Lol check out some of the interesting finds that have been found from bloody-disgusting. 🙂

An Umbilical cord for your I-Phone? How interesting awesome is that?! Gross…But very interesting lol

When washing your hands is boring, use braaaiiiin Soap Lol Yes, it’s soap that is made to look like a brain. Hell yea!
Image Courtesy by Bloody-Disgusting.com

Image Courtesy by Bloody-Disgusting.com



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