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The RassleRap Murder Mayhem Episode

In the Murder Mayham Show Episode 9 our homie, Mitchell, chops it up about his amazing experience attending the RassleRap Show, being a real Juggalo, the future of ICP and more. The Murder Mayham Show is a podcast that you can listen to on his website, Slowplayradio.com or on iTunes.

First of all I would like to thank Mitchell for the shout out to TrueJuggaloFamily. You sure bet we know what being a real Juggalo is all about! Speaking of which Mitchell points out in the show what Violent J said about going to the Gathering and that if you never man up and go you aren’t a Juggalo and that it’s a valid point. It’s not about going to the Gathering, but doing what you feel you need to accomplish in life. The relation to his enduring experience of going to the RassleRap tour makes this point so much clearer. It’s all about the memories you make in life that is important. That’s holiday spirit right there!

In the podcast he highlights the most remarkable highlights of JCW, for instance, 2 Tuff Tony’s Flame Fist, Rudeboy’s bloody match, and the unexpected tag team belt champions Super Strong Tiger and The Spider Monkey. The setback to JCW was the absence of Shaggy as a commentator. He talks about how Kevin Gill changed JCW into the greatness it is today and how the candid commentator responses really make the show better. But not only that, he states how the matches themselves are just realer and much more entertaining in person. Not to mention more up close and personal.

Michell also goes in depth about the Phantom EP and the new X-tra Spooky edition. He states that the EP and the Xtra Spooky edition are the sound he thinks the next Joker’s Card should be. He also recounts how he was a part of this re-release. But, then goes on to say that ICP has been putting out too many tracks lately. That ICP should, maybe, think more about quality or quantity like in the old days. Though excited about the flawlessness of the new album, he states the EP is reminiscent of the old EP’s, such as, The Tunnel of Love, Terror Wheel, and Beverly Kills. Either way it’ss definitely a bright view of the future with ICP.

Mitchell discusses the lack of Juggalos and how he would like to see many more. He even states that this show should be sold out. Psychopathic shows are a wonderful thing, if you’re a Juggalo! He probably right that there are probably more Juggalos out there. At any rate. the biggest highlight of the RassleRap show for this podcaster was Violent J rapping with Jumpsteady. As he says, that is an extremely rare sight to witness. Jumpsteady has never and will probably never again play Violent J’s hype-man after Shaggy gets back from surgery.

You can listen to the Podcast at Slowplayradio.com or iTunes.

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