RassleRap Night Two

RassleRap charity festival tour crowned new tag team champions on it’s second night into the freshest charity tour on the planet!

For all you salty ass holes who didn’t make it out for RassleRap night two, let’s  bring you up to speed, shall we? RassleRap Charity Tour night two was a night to be remembered to say the least. The bodacious Sugar Slam encouraged the kiddies to gather round for the nights entertainment. Commentator Kevin Gill was amazing as always (whadyou fuckin’ expect?!). 2 Tuff Tony, Mike Outlaw and Justin D’Air held it down against the Viking War Party in an event that can only be described as incredible! Madman Pondo and Crazy Mary Dobson fucked it up in a battle against Jake Durden and Samantha Heights and brought in the victory. Shit got bloody when The Rudeboy took on Moshpit Mike and Chuey Martinez, in the end The Rudeboy claimed his spot in the victors circle over the two.

Reigning victorious in the tag team championship were Super Strong Tiger and The Spider Monkey after schoolin’ The Ring Rydas in a match to end all matches!


JCW Main Event RassleRap Night Two


The night’s main event was an end all be all for attending fans of JCW. The Lumberjack Match took shit to a whole new level as The Weedman and Ruff Crossing battled it out in an epic display of might and glory. Unfortunately there could be only one – The Weedman brought his a – game which paid off in the splendor of becoming the winner!

But Wait! There’s Still Fuckin’ More!


Okay homies, just in case you’re joining the recluses under the rocks – let’s take a minute to remind ya’ll of the dope musical performances on the tour (which were impeccable as always) so that you can remember to go get yo’ shit and get in line to catch RassleRap when it stops near you!

The Duke – Violent J bringing it in solo style with fuckin dope guest to get you hype – Jumpsteady! Houston represents when hip hop legend of the Geto BoysWillie D fucks shit up with that top shelf finesse! That Funk providin’  OG warrior shit comin at ya face when Anybody Killa drops the heat for the fam! He’s deep, he’s daring, fresh and comin’ at the family scene hard – he’s Big Hoodoo – and he’s turnin up! Bukshot kicks it into overdrive and fuckin gets you live! Myzery steppin and reppin that wikid shit since 1998 (droppin that new fresh funky shit, we can’t wait!) Razakel dropping that shit that echos in ya ear holes make you need it on your stereo!

 The RassleRap charity festival tour brought the wagons tonight to  Kokomo, Indiana at The Stage

Tomorrow, Columbus, Ohio will have their turn to get live at The Newport

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Benefits Go To Saint Johns Children’s Hospital in Illinois, and you was just gunna blow that cheddar anyways so make sure to dig deep in ya piggy banks and get yo ass out to one of these remaining dates!

12/12 Kokomo, Indiana – The Stage 12-13 Columbus, Ohio Newport Music Hall

12/16 Glen Jean, West Virginia – Glen Jean Armory 12/17 Cleveland, Ohio – Agora Theater

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