WWE RAW Recap – April 11, 2016

Monday Night RAW


thOZ55E67TWWE RAW, Live in Los Angeles, CA. This weeks show starts out with Shane McMahon in the ring. He starts off by saying that he will be in control of RAW this week because of the over whelming support he has been given. He says tonight Natalya will go against Chalotte, she will be defending the WWE women’s championship. Also there will be a tag team tournament to see who will be the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team championship belts. Also Shane is giving Sami Zayne another shot against AJ Styles, if he wins he will face Roman Riegns and AJ Styles in a triple threat match at Payback. I’m glad to see Zayne getting another shot since Owens screwed him over last week on RAW. Owens comes out to the ramp and asks Shane if he knocked some screws loose when he jumped off that cell at WrestleMania because he is getting screwed in this deal. Shane says no he doesn’t deserve anything since he screwed Zayne out of his number one contender shot then he doesn’t get anything. Owens says he hasn’t even gotten a rematch to win back the intercontinental championship. So Shane says he can go against Cesaro but if Cesaro wins then he will get the IC title shot.

Kevin Owens vs Cesaro. I’m so glad that Kevin Owens lost this match Cesaro is a more deserving competitor. Owens is one of those superstars you love to hate with his dirty tactics and his arrogant attitude he is just the idea villain. The match comes to a close as Owens goes for a pop up powerbomb as Cesaro rolls out of it and gets Owens in the Goch neutralizer and gets the win.

thP2LD5V4ZCharlotte complaining backstage about having to defend her title against Natalya. Ric Flair is enabling her behavior as Dr.Phil interrupts and says that she needs to stop listening to her father and she needs to land on her own two feet. Charlotte gets upset and leaves as Dr.Phil looks at Ric Flair and gives him a big WOO in the face of the legend Ric Flair. Well that was weird why is Dr. Phil WOOing in Ric Flairs face.

The first of the Tag Team number one contenders tournament The Dudley Boyz vs The Lucha Dragons. I’d like to see The Dudley Boyz get the tag team titles they always seem to make amazing champions. This was a short match as Sin Cara hits D-Von with a multiple spring board but Bubba tags in as they hit him with the 3D and get the three count.

wweRoman Riegns is in the ring an starts off as he has every week as he say he’s not a bad guy, he’s not a good guy. he’s the guy. Before he could get another word out The League Of Nations comes out. Rusev says he should be the face the WWE, Riegns say he’s the ass of the WWE, Rusev gets in his face as the lights go out and come back on in the ring is the Wyatt family they help Riegns clear the ring as Shane comes out and say this weeks main event will be Bray Wyatt and Roman Riegns vs Two members from The League of Nations.

Dr.Phil comes out to announce the next match. Natalya vs Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Championship. I really hate to see this every week please give the title to someone else, this is so terrible. Charlotte only can win with her daddy Flairs help. This match Natalya almost had it won as she locks Charlotte in a sharpshooter Ric Flair pulls the ref out as Charlotte is tapping. Natalya wins by DQ.

The Usos vs Heaith Slater and Cutis Axel. Well this was hardly a match every time Slater or Axel capitalize they have to celebrate. well that wont work with the Usos as Axel hit a jumping elbow and a jumping side kick they go outside to celebrate with Bo Dallas as Slater gets back in the ring Jey tags Jimmy as he rolls him up and gets the three count. Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows come out from the crowd and attacks the Usos.

th5MUFUYUQAJ Styles vs Sami Zayne. I was really upset when Sami Zayne even with Kevin Owens no where on the property he just couldn’t get the job done. Dont get me wrong the match was great but once AJ hit the phenomenal forearm i knew it was over. AJ Styles i gotta give it to him he’s a great competitor maybe he might give Roman Riegns a run for his money at Payback, we shall see. Backstage AJ Styles and Sami Zayne are talking, AJ tells Zayne he will get another shot at another time and they shake hands, Shane comes out and thanks them for what they just did.

Apollo Crews vs Adam Rose. Apollo Crews is leaving his mark on the WWE. Just completely tearing apart his opponents, his resilience and athleticism he might become something big in the WWE. At the close of the match Rose tries to vertical suplex Crews as Crews reverses and hits the spinout powerbomb and gets the win.

Bray Wyatt appears on the titantron he say he is against everything Roman Riegns stands for. But it seems they have a holy bond tonight. He says don’t worry Roman you can trust me.

RAWRoman Riegns and Bray Wyatt vs The League of Nations. Even after the promo before the match Riegns and Bray actually work well with each other even though they forced tagged eachother in they had decent chemistry, Rusev of course kept interfering with the match but once the lights went out and rest of the Wyatts came out a took care of Rusev, as they rush him and throw him over the barricade. Bray hits the sister Abigail on Del Rio and gets the win. As the show ends Bray and Riegns stare’s at each other in the middle of the ring.WWE RAW

I’m excited to see more of the tag team tournament im really rooting for The Dudley Boyz. That was your recap of RAW by your favorite ninja, The Everyday Ninja.

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