Review: Twiztid – Mutant Remixed And Remastered
What up, y’all? ScottyBallz up here to give you my review and breakdown of Twiztid‘s latest release “Mutant Remixed & Remastered”!

First off, I’m gonna tell you that I love the original Mutant Volume 2. When I heard Twiztid was going to release a remixed version of this album, I was extremely excited, but also skeptical. I was really excited because I don’t think people really gave it a fair chance when it first came out. Man’s Myth Volume 1 had just been released not too long before, and it was more of the hip hop feel people were used to. Mutant Volume 2 has a heavy rock influence on it, and ninjas were -and still are- on the fence about that. So, this is a chance for people to try and reconnect with what I feel is a classic Twiztid album.

So, I’m gonna break it down, track by track. Remember, these are my own personal opinions and do not reflect how others feels about this album…

  1. Transformation Of A New Civilization – The opening track describes what is happening to civilization, being infected, deformed, and transformed into something frightening. I really like the remix version of this track much better because I think it the sound and effect comes across better than what the original was intending.
  2. Get Off Of Me! – I’m gonna be honest, I really prefer the original to the remix of the track. The music flows much better, though both versions make you want to punch walls and break spines. Love this song.
  3. Stardust- This track was definitely a favorite amongst ninjas when Mutant was released. I’m gonna have to say that I like the way they made the new track feel darker and darker as it goes on. I truly love both versions.
  4. Familiar- This was always a very meaningful track to me. Whenever I would make a mix album, this track would usually make its’ way on there. The remixed version was released early with the iTunes pre-order, along with “Respirator”. I’m really on the fence with which version I like better, but I do think they did a fantastic job with the remix.
  5. Madness – I’m gonna have to say that I like the original version of this track better. I think the music doesn’t quite fit as well with what the song conveys. I really enjoy the original version, and not really feeling the remix of this one.
  6. Fuck U Pt. 2 – I really wish they would have said “fuck it” and named this track Fuck U Pt. 3 because all 3 versions of this track are unfuckwittable. This song -ALL VERSIONS- really get that adrenaline kicked in.
  7. Jenny’s A Fat Bitch – The skit about hound doggin’-ass Jenny. Funny skit, but not much was done with it. Jenny’s friend’s voice is a little more comprehensible.
  8. Fantasy – This is another one of those tracks that I really loved the first time around, but I really prefer the original version over the remix on this one. The remix isn’t terrible, it’s just the original is THAT GOOD.
  9. Who Am I? – I really love both versions of this song, but probably the original just a little more. It’s the pace of the track and bouncy feeling, and while the remix stays with that, he original just has that “feel-good” feeling to it.
  10. Respirator– This was one of the tracks released early through the iTunes pre-order. Again, this is definitely one of my go-to tracks off the album, and the remix blew me away! Absolutely the stand-out track, the shining star to me. I have always loved this track, but the remix made me love it so much more.
  11. Triple Threat ft. Blaze Ya Dead Homie– This is a favorite amongst Juggalos , and obviously Twiztid. They liked this track so much, they made a video for it YEARS after the album came out. However, I was really disappointed with the remix to this one. I don’t feel like this song has room on it for rock guitars. The original was so good, and the remix kind of fell flat to me.
  12. Starve Your Fear – This track is definitely a stand-out track to me, as well, and they did a fantastic job with the remix. Again, this is probably my second favorite track behind “Respirator” . I’ve always really been drawn to this song, and am sucked in even more with the remix.
  13. Manikin ft. Violent J – I gotta say, this song is one of my favorite collaboration tracks Twiztid has ever put out. The story is hilarious, and adding Violent J to the mix just made it fresher. I really don’t know which version I like better, but this is definitely a timeless something you can sing to your grandkids.
  14. Note2Self– Honestly, this song never really stuck out to me. It was a disappointment to me on the original. However, THE REMIX IS MUCH BETTER to me. A great way to end a great remix album.

Overall, this album is a really good chance for people to maybe give it another go. I always felt this album was slept on, and I am ecstatic that they remixed it. I would recommend this album to anyone that loves the old version, or even hated the old version. Personally, both versions of this album will go down as classics to me.

Also, pre-orders for the album are still up on Twiztid Shop! Snag one or more copies for yourself today!

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