CESĀ  Cru’s Ricochet Music Video Dropped

Strange Music uploaded a music video for CES Cru’s “Ricochet” from their Recession Proof EP. The Ricochet music video is quite strange, but what do you expect to from Strange Music? The video follows Ubiquitous and Godemis around the city in various places. There is quite interesting digital doodling overlaying. It brings out the movement of both rappers while also making parts of the video look like some mischievous kid marked over it with MS paint. Also check out this capture of the video.

ricochet music video

Godemis is wearing a White Men Can’t Jump shirt. Considering the movie is about a character that is underestimated because of his race and its stereotypes it seems to fit with the song’s underlying meaning. Or maybe Godemis is just a fan. At the very least we can say the white and black team is a reflection of their own black and white rap duo which is not a common music industry combination. At any rate, that is one old ass Woody Harrelson movie and the shirt is dope no matter how you look at.

ricochet music videoThe video isn’t all that serious though. Godemis has that funky wig on throughout various parts of this video as this video is a clip montage. Godemis’ street attire seems to contrast Ubiquitous’ dress suit affair. I guess the wigs and ridiculously big chains keeps the contrast while they are both in referee shirts.

Enough wardrobe talk. This video is about the song “Ricochet.” The way the camera moves is like you are a ricochet. Fast camera movement is a staple in music videos though. It keeps the viewer interested by keeping your eye moving around. You’re more amused watching a dog chasing its tail than watching it sleep.

Towards the end you start seeing clips of CES Cru paint-balling. That is one great symbolism for “Ricochet” if I ever seen one. Overall, it’s a great fast paced video for a hard hitting CES Cru track.

Ricochet Music Video


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