Riddle Box 20th Anniversary Edition Release Date Changed Due to EXTRA HYPE Flavor!

This just in from this weeks Hatchet Herald:

Juggalos, we’ll always be straight with you so let me get the bone out of the way first. The 20thRiddle BoxAnniversary Special Edition of “Riddle Box” is NOT going to be coming out in October because it needs extra manufacturing time. But the reason WHY it’s being delayed is fuckin awesome – BECAUSE THE RIDDLE BOX ANNIVERSARY EDITION IS GOING TO HAVE AN ENTIRE BONUS DISC OF ULTRA RARE RIDDLE BOX BANGERS! We’re talking about alternate versions, instrumentals, outtakes, a whole bunch of dope shit that we ONLY JUST FOUND LAST MONTH IN MIKE E. CLARK’S Vault!

Just before we were ready to ship the remastered version of “Riddle Box” to the plant, we heard from Mike that he had found a shitload of old tracks from the “Riddle Box” recording sessions that somehow or another had been overlooked whenever we went digging for material for a “Forgotten Freshness” compilation. To say our wigs were split was an understatement—WE COULDN’T BELIEVE SOME OF THE TREASURES MIKE HAD UNEARTHED! These were tracks and bits that we had totally forgotten even existed! So we knew that in order to give the almighty 3rdJoker’s Card the royal treatment it deserves that we HAD to include all this flavor in the package. But in order to make that happen, we need a little more time.

So we’re putting out the “Riddle Box” 20thAnniversary Special Edition in November; we’re still working on a specific release date because as I write this, we have to hear back from the manufacturer and distributor on exact details as to when everything will be done—it’s kinda complicated because we’re having a custom-built box made just for this release! We pretty sure it will come out Friday, November 20, but as of this moment, that’s pure speculation. But we DO KNOW IT WILL BE OUT IN NOVEMBER AND WE SHOULD ANNOUNCE A SOLID RELEASE DATE EARLY NEXT WEEK (PROBABLY ON TUESDAY).

And we DO KNOW that you are going to fuckin LOVE THIS DELUXE ANNIVERSARY EDITION, fam! The entire Riddle Box album has been fully remastered and sounds fuckin incredible! It also comes with a dope ass booklet detailing the full history of the 3rd Joker’s Card, packed with secrets about the Riddle Box that have never been revealed until now! And of course…that dope ass bonus disc of MAD RARE “Riddle Box” flavor.

So stay tuned for a solid release date next and we’ll be sure and update you on pre-sales and all that dopeness. It’s the 20th anniversary of the almighty Riddle Box. ARE YOU READY TO TURN THE CRANK AGAIN???!