Riddlebox 20th Anniversary Special Edition

Official Unboxing Ceremony

Fresh Fuckin’ News Homies! J-Webb took a few minuets to rap with all fam about their most recent accepted shipment… The RiddleBox 20th Anniversary Edition (oooooh ahhhhhhh). So dope shit, J-Webb takes us on a quick journey through the beautiful booklet, telling us a little bit about each page – what went into it where it came from. He finishes up with the booklet and introduces us to what “is the reason why a lot of you mutha fuckers are going to be buying this” (J-Webb) -the Riddlebox Oddities. Does he know us or what? J-Webb tells us that there is a lot of shit on the disk which even he hasn’t heard before, from samplers to early mixes from the album. Swiftly moving on to the star of the show – the Riddlebox 20th Anniversary Special Edition disk. It’s beautiful homies – seriously. Set right into the packaging, you aren’t going to need to get it framed – it’s basically done for you.

J-Webb shares a moment of sentimentality with us, as he revels in the glory of the previous years worth of hard work that went into making this dope freshness. Thanks guys – for working so hard to deliver this beautiful special edition of one of the foundation stones of our family. All your hard work definitely paid off, and we can’t wait to get our hands on this fresh fuckin merch (whoop whoop!)!

If you want to get your hands on this early, Juggalos – order from hatchetgear.com and you’ll get your shit shipped out next week. As J-Webb points out – you can totally get this shit under your tree before it hits stores with its official release date – how fresh?

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