Ring Of Honor Dojo to Accept New Students

ring of honor belt

Ring Of Honor wrestling dojo is offering classes to those who are from Pennsylvania. Training sessions go on for 6 months and those interested must be in excellent physical condition due to the intensity of the program. Those who complete the 6-month training will be allowed to come back anytime free of charge (according to the post on the ROH website) you must sign a liability wafer and the cost is for a lifetime membership so it is reasonable if you’re serious about training. It’s a small price to pay.


$4000 Total
$3500 if you pay in full there is a $500 discount
Payment Plan:
$1500 down payment on the first day of class
$500 per month

Class Dates

Start Date: 8/13/16 (Last Day of Curriculum – 2/14/17)

Start Date: 11/14/16 (Last Day of Curriculum – 5/16/17)

Start Date: 2/13/17 (Last Day of Curriculum – 8/15/17)

Weekly Schedule

Monday & Tuesday – Beginner classes – 6pm – 9pm

Tuesday – Advanced Yoga – 5pm

Wednesday – Intermediate – 5pm – 6pm

Wednesday & Thursday – Advanced classes – 6pm – 9pm

For more information head on over to the RoH website and read up on it.

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