RIP Dusty Rhodes

Dusty Rhodes
Although this news came out yesterday. It would be hard to consider ourselves a Juggalo website if we didn’t acknowledge the death of this wrestling legend. The American Dream Dusty Rhodes died yesterday. I won’t even start on all of the titles he won in his time, there are A LOT. Mostly in the NWA, he is one of the greatest. Even up until his death he would continue to give back to wrestling, mentoring many superstars on their path to the WWE or elsewhere. He didn’t have a wrestlers look, he didn’t have the body, but The American Dream did not let that stop him from winning over fans across the country. Through all of his accomplishments he always remained a “common man” one time saying: “I’ve dined with kings and queens. I’ve slept in alleys and eatin pork n beans”

There aren’t enough words to express how much “the son of a plumber” means to the wrestling world. There is arguably nobody better than he was on the mic, and one of the best bookers there was. I’ll leave it with some of my favorite promos featuring Jim Cornette and Dusty Rhodes, two of the best.

Virgil Riley Runnels Jr aka The American Dream Dusty Rhoades



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