Darrein rittz collab

Rittz and Darrein Safron Team Up for New Collab

The newest artist signed to Strange Music, Darrein Safron, posted a text conversation he had with Rittz discussing plans to collab for a new track the two have seemed to have previously talked about. This isn’t the first time Rittz and Darrien have been on a track together. They collaborated together in “We Just Wanna Party” on Strangulation Vol. II. Now they are coming together for a new mysterious track for an undisclosed project.

Both artists are releasing an album in the near future, so it’s not for certain which album this track will be on. Rittz’s Top of the Line is a work in progress right now. Plus, Rittz seems to be the one who initiated the idea since Darrein was the one asking about it. It also seems, to me at least, that Rittz is making a rough recording for Darrein to rerecord with his higher range indicating Rittz is the author of the track. Therefore, it’s more likely the track will be on Top of the Line. Darrein Safron’s debut Strange Music album, The Brilliant EP, is already out for preorder so the likelihood of this track being on it is very slim. Not to mention, Darrein is a new artist who needs the exposure of a seasoned vet who already has a following of this own.

darrein safron the brilliant ep preorder

Stay tuned to True Juggalo Family as this story develops. We can’t wait to hear this track. Since it is being hinted at now, it makes one think that the artists are excited about it meaning it will be a fire ass track. Darrein seems way too excited for a track that is barely a nut stain. What a display of enthusiasm for working with a fellow Strange artist. Some my think that a high toned male is not a good fit for Strange Music. But, Strange is about all kinds of music, sucker. Not to mention Krizz Kaliko got some major pipes too! Just listen to Darrein Safron on We Just Wanna Party and think how dope he will sound on the new track with Rittz no matter where it’s released.


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