Rittz Clintel Vape juice line

Rittz Clintel Vape Juice Line Hitting Your Lungs Soon!!

This weekend Rittz announced on Facebook and Instagram his new Clintel Vape Juice Line. He didn’t give an exact date of release. All you vapers have to follow @Clintel on Instagram to be notified when you can finally taste theses Rittz flavors for yourself. They apparently come in Jonny Valiant and White Jesus varieties. This is a project Rittz and TVC Liquids, who also just released a Statik Selektah line of vape liquids, have been working on for almost a year designing these vape juices Rittz taste tested this weekend.

Rittz has been on the vape bandwagon for going on three years now. In response to a fan on Instagram Rittz stated he had been a smoker for 20 years and that vaping has really helped. Many people swear by vaping. Mad Child and DJ Clay also released their own Vape Juice lines. Shaggy has been vaping for a few years now also. Not to mention, there was two vape shops at the Gathering last year. It’s the new smoking, I guess. So, if you can’t quit why not take up a more pleasant smelling habit.

The Clintel brand will be more than just vape juice. Rittz has also shared on Instram that there will be all kinds of wearable Clintel merch available for anyone wanting to join the Clintel Crew. If you don’t know what being part of the Clintel crew means let me educate you. First off, being a Juggalo will probably help in this endevor. The other part is being the Rittz fan you already are. Don’t worry it doesn’t have to include vaping. It’s best told by Muddy Beatz Magazine:

We [Muddy Beatz Magazine and Rittz] touched base on the whole conceptual idea and the origin of the Clintel. Clintel started with about 10 rappers back when you could first burn CDs according the Rittz. He stated, “We rapped together, we were the Clintel”. As time went on, some fell back, but they still had that connection and that is what Clintel is all about connections with like-minded people. If you take the time to show love and respect for his craft and come correct, you are a member of the Clintel. If you buy his CDs, merchandise, tickets, and generally show love you are a member of the Clintel. It is built on respect and appreciation. Clintel is a representation of Rittz and the mutual respect among the artist and the fans. The Clintel concept will bring more representation to the Clintel family like a clothing brand, a cooking show, and more. Rittz states the most important factor of the Clintel is it is a way to show his love and respect to all that have given him the opportunity to be a part of their lives.

So, all you Clintel Crew follow @clintel on Instragram to keep up with Rittz’s Clintel vape juice line, Clintel merch, and whatever else Rittz throws our way.

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