Rittz Learns to Overcome Hardships Creating Top of the Line, Rittz interview

Rittz Learns to Overcome Hardships Creating Top of the Line

Rittz talked about the troubles he faced and surprising inspiration for his newest album, Top of the Line, coming out May 6th. It’s not easy to juggle your personal and professional life. He managed to do just that. The inspiration of this retro sounding album will also blow your wig back. Rittz fans all over are sure to be happy he made it through his hardships to make this one of a kind top shelf album.

We learned in a previous Rittz interview that the inspiration for the name, Top of the Line, came from a close friend, Chico. He retells the story again in this interview giving him a shout out for the inspiration. But, the inspiration for the sound will straight blow your wig. He wanted “Lalo Schifrin over down-south drums.” If you are wondering who Lalo Schifrin is, he produced the Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon Soundtrack along with some other 70’s soundtracks. That’s retro alright!

I tell people that and they first ask, “Okay, who the fuck is Lalo Schifrin, and you’re out of your mind”. So, this dude Heartbeatz started just sending me tracks. He would send me like 5 a day. I’ve never met a producer this aggressive. Then, when I talked to Seven, I told him what I wanted and he was like, “I’ve got you man!” (laughs). Literally, he knew EXACTLY what I was talking about, just nailing it. He knew the vibe I was going for with this whole album. I wanted it to be that classic and timeless feel, and I think I achieved that.

Rittz dog, Rittz Learns to Overcome Hardships Creating Top of the Line

Now for the heart to ache that came with this Rittz interview. During the making of this retro themed album Rittz lost his beloved dog. It was like losing a child. It’s hard to go do mentally taxing work when your mind is over taken with grief, but he pulled through and did what he had to to do. Despite the lose he was still able to make a fire album.

During all of this, I was trying to write songs. I wrote this album during the worst time I’ve had in my whole life. I can honestly say that. Not to bum anyone out, but it’s the truth. My dog’s dead, my girl cries every night before bed, but guess what, you’ve got to go record 8 songs now. It’s been a really big challenge for me. I think all of that made me overcome, and at the end of the day, we have a great project.

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