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Rittz Divulges Details about ‘Top of the Line’ in XXL Interview

Rittz gives us more insight into Top of the Line in a XXL interview. Some of the information is not so new like the features and producers on the album. What’s a little funny is they miss quote him as saying Harp Beats instead of Heartbeatz was a producer on this album. They must have miss heard him. You can’t win them all. But, I digress. We learn interesting things about Top of the Line and Rittz in this interview. For instance, he wanted T.I. and Snoop Dogg on this album along with the other features. Though, we all know the features on this album fits it’s retro sound prefectly. He also talks about what he’s learned from touring with Strange Music along with his upcoming busy touring schedule. He also reveals that he is getting married inbetween tours. Congradulations Rittz!

XXL: How is Top of the Line different from your last solo LP?

Rittz: I would say overall it’s more positive. There’s a little bit more variety and it has its own sound, which most of my albums have a certain sound. This one has that specific type of vintage kind of sound to it, so I think it’s my best work yet. I’m really happy with the project. There are about 24 songs on it and it’s a very solid project.

Read the entire Rittz interview on XXL.

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