Rittz Reflects On Past – Interview w/ HotNewHipHop


Yesterday was the long-awaited release date of Top Of The Line, the latest album from Strange Music artist Rittz. Although it has only been a day, the reception and all-out showcase of love for the record has been hugely positive (be on the look out for the official TJF review, coming soon). There’s no doubt that this hip-hop artist is quickly on his way to the top, making it so that the title Top Of The Line could not be more accurate. Going into one of the first interviews released following the album drop, Rittz delves into the story behind his track “Diamonds & Gold”. Speaking with HotNewHipHop, he speaks on what cannot be deciphered in just sixteen bars, revealing many of the harsh realities that he and many others have been exposed to. He was quoted as saying,

“I’ve been involved in that lifestyle before. I’m reflecting on things that happened in my past. I hate people have to even go through that type of shit, but I have experienced that in my life. It’s nothing that happens to me day to day, but it’s something I grew up on and grew up around. I felt like I needed to address it.”

The entire interview can be viewed here:

Don’t forget that Top Of The Line is also now available at Best Buy, on iTunes, and always on the official Strange Music store!

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