Rittz Interview: Powerhouse Tour, Top of the Line, and Food

Rittz Interview: Powerhouse Tour, Top of the Line, and Food

Strange Music conducted a Rittz interview discussing the Independent Powerhouse Tour underway, Top of the Line, and good eats along the road. Rittz relates his experience performing on stage. Though seemingly glorious to most, performing on stage is not an easy job.

What is your favorite part of the tour experience?

I love to tour and I love to be on stage. I have a lot of anxiety about touring, most of it comes from being hot on stage (laughs) because I rap so fast and I’m running around.

So, my favorite part is when I’m done and everyone is appreciating the show. I can really soak it in. When I’m on stage, I’m rapping like I’m soaking it in and I’m confident, but the whole time I’m talking in my head like, “Just get through it, you’ve only got fifteen more songs to go”. So, that’s my favorite part – to know that you put on a good show. Then, I can look back at it.

rittz interview powerhouse tour top of the line and food

This is his second Strange Music tour. This time around is a little different since he’s a lot more experienced and higher up on the roster. He went from second act to performing right before Tech. That is quite a responsibility and he knows it. That’s why he proclaimed, “I’ve got to put on a good show for these people.” The only other thing about this current tour that’s got him worried is the crowd he’s rolling with.

Besides that, it’s just traveling with these maniacs… and I have to deal with Godemis. Who wants to deal with him? (laughs)

While on this tour Top of the Line will be released. He relates the experience of learning that fans will be hearing his new tracks while he’s busy touring.

My album comes out while I’m on the road. So tracks will be coming out and everything will be popping off soon. It’s always a weird feeling too, cause you’re on the road and don’t realize that your new music is finally hitting the fans’ ears. You start seeing them at meet & greets and they start hearing your new songs. So, it’s kind of hard to soak in. It’s a big deal. Kind of crazy that it’s going to happen this way.

Lastly, Rittz talks eats while on the road. He jokes about going on a diet while on tour, but we all know that ain’t happening. He is all about checking out the local delicacies while traveling around. I mean what else does he got to do during his down time on the road?

Anytime I go to any state, I like to try the dishes they have there. Whatever is popular there, that’s what I’m into doing. I just had some Jack Stack here. Any time you come to Kansas City, you’ve got to have the BBQ.

Read he full Rittz interview on the Strange Music Blog.

If you haven’t already, you can still purchase tickets to the Independent Powerhouse Tour.

Top of the Line, set to release May 6th, is up for preorder with all the usual preorder goodies you expect from a Strange preorder. Also, check out the prerelease track below.

Top of the Line~ Propane

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