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Rittz Interview: Crazy Tour Life, Drugs, and Top of the Line

Rittz chopped it up recently with Hip Hop DX. The Rittz interview is in two parts.He talks all about Top of the Line, his crazy tour schedule, drug problems, and more.

The first part Rittz talks about his crazy tour life. He states, “I can’t sleep unless the bus is in motion.” He even buys hotel rooms to get in a couple hours of sleep before a show starts. It’s the dream life though. Rittz reflects on how he has made it to the dream to the life he was working for and how often it doesn’t even register in his mind. You just got to take a step back sometimes and pat yourself on the back for making it. He then goes on to dicuss the features on Top of the Line. He says hs thinks Devin the Dude doesn’t get the credit he deserves for his lyrical talent. Rittz is really stoked to have so many great lengends on his latest album.

Part two starts out with Rittz disucussing some embrassing drug problems he has had. He really knows the struggle in getting hooked on drugs. “I’ll never do that shit again in my life. Never. Then you do the same shit.” Then he goes on to talk about how Yelfwolf didn’t get on Top of the Line. It really was all just business. He also discuss his fan base, Clintel. He is starting to market his own merch just for his fans including clothes and vape juice. Lastly, he discusses how Strange and Tech N9ne is so successful. He states that you can’t just do what they did and be as successful. It took the knowledge and personalities of Tech and Travis to make that shit work which no one else has. All you can do is take notes and do what you do.



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