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Rittz Talks Features and Album Art on ‘Top of the Line’

In this Strange Music exclusive Rittz interview, we learn what artists are featured on Top of the Line and the artist behind the cover art, along with the list of producers for Top of the Line and why packaging is no longer imporant to Rittz.

As for the features, the list isn’t long, but it does bring the retro flavor he was going for on the album.

Of course, I got Tech and Krizz. I got Devin The Dude, which is one of my favorite rappers of all time. Like, I grew up listening to him. A lot of my rhyme patterns, mellow style – a lot of my music is based off his influence. So, having him on my track is fucking crazy.

I also got Mike Posner as always. He hit me up with some dope shit. I got E-40 on that record as well, which is another OG in the game that I’ve been wanting to work with for years. I always try to work with legends in the game, and it happened on this album.

It was also my first time where I felt like I could add an artist from my hometown. Cheeto Gambine is on my album. I was able to look out and he looked out for me, putting a verse on there. I’m excited about that.

He mentioned the producers on Top of the Line were mostly Seven, of course, and Heartbeatz, who also talked with Strange Music about his experience producing for this album. Matic Lee worked on a few tracks also. Matic produced “LAF” and “Misery Loves Company” for Rittz’s previous albums.

Rittz also relates about how people don’t pay attention to the album booklet anymore. So, just as the fans don’t care to pay attention to the packaging he didn’t also. It use to be a big a part of the album, but now no one cares. He stated that he remembered when Guns N’ Roses first showed tities in their booklet. That’s the past though like his cares for what goes into the packaging. It’s a shame as I also remember looing through my CD booklets back in the day and even now a days.

The Rittz interview ends with a little insight into the album cover art. He tells us the artist and his goal to step away from him posing with a car like he’s done in the past and go for something that looks retro in order to reflect the theme for Top of the Line.

I wanted the album cover to look retro because of the theme I was going for. Plus, I’ve been standing by a car for two albums now. I could do that all day, I love album covers with cars and shit. I wanted something that was retro and it just showcased me. When you see it, there’s my face – loud and clear. It’s classic.

Shout out to David Graham who painted me. He actually painted me and did some real artwork on it. I wanted it to look cool with a classic feel – something that’s timeless.

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