Rittz top of the line

Rittz’ “Top of the Line” Gets Rave Reviews

Rittz’ Top of the Line is one fire album like promised. It’s so fire that it’s gotten rave reviews from three publications: DJ Booth, XXL, and Hop Hop DX. All three reviews praised Rittz’ machine gun spitting. The only real draw back given to Top of the Line is its length. It is an hour long. Hey, at least it’s giving you your money’s worth. Dispite the long windedness all three reviews are postive.

First, DJ Booth gives a little Cheat Code Review. This Rittz fans just drools all over this album. Loving it despite it’s length. The Top of the Line review starts with a little lesson on Rittz and how he is a rap master. Then he goes on in detail about three tracks: “The Formula“, “I’m No Good”, and “Is That That Bitch?” He overall gives the most positie review of the three.

“Everything from his flow to the content to the production is stellar. There’s not an obvious weak spot in sight, though, a shortened tracklist would have helped the highs stay high longer.”

Next, XXL claims Rittz sticks to the script with Top of the Line. This Top of the Line review really digs into the aspect that Rittz is telling more of his life story and troubles on this album. They praise his lyrical and rapping skills while not impresed with his lyric/ verse format so common to many songs. They, as in the other two reviews, don’t think the long album length is to his advange, but over all give Top of the Line a honestly good review.

“From a purely technical rap standpoint, the album is next to perfect. Rittz has mastered the art of multisyllabic rhyme patterns and machine gun-fast delivery. “This is for all y’all muthafuckas that say all I do is rap fast, this is for your muthafuckin’ wack ass,” he says at the tail end of “MVP.” Aside from the skits, practically all 24 songs feature Rittz spitting this signature rapid-fire style. It’s the type of delivery that makes Twista sound like French Montana in comparison.”

Lastly, Hip Hop DX gives their Top of the Line review. This review again praises his honestly and openness. The only other not so good thing they had to say about the album, other that the length, is his lack of emotions on a couple tracks. They seem to have fell in love with his passion in this album and feel the fast rapping skills could have made him less emotional in a few tracks. It’s all up to the ear whether you think the rapid fire rap is taking away from a more emotional delvery. Either way the review is still stellar.

“The north Atlanta-bred Strange Music signee’s calling cards his inhuman double-time flow and an instantly recognizable cloud of frizzy red hair around his head, a big reason for his organic following is his willingness to put himself out there with his music: drugs, race, and personal experiences are all on the table when it comes to Rittz. He continues the vulnerability on his third studio full-length outing, making another worthy addition to his steadily-building catalog.”

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