Rittz Announces Return To Studio To Begin Working On Top Of The Line

Strange Music MVP Award Nominee Begins Work On Third Album With The Label

Rittz fans – hold onto your jock straps and duct tape your panties on (or don’t – hey we won’t complain) because the artist took to social media announcing that he will begin on his next venture in musical genuis tomorrow, December 15th, 2015.

With the success of The Life and Times of Johnny Valiant and Next to Nothing under his belt, we are excited to catch the fresh faced, professional quality of what is to come. Recently having work nominated for a Strange Music MVP award, the rising star has set the bar high for himself. With a title like Top Of The Line – we believe it’s a safe bet were going to be clamouring to get our hands on every little tidbit that comes our way during what has typically proven to be a lengthy yet totally worth it recording process for Rittz. Top Of The Line carries a great deal of promise and we anticipate its arrival eagerly!

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