Rittz top of the line cover art

Rittz Top of the Line Cover Art Revealed

Rittz revealed the cover art (above) to Top of the Line which drops May 6th. According to the XXl Magizine exclusive the cover art has a 70’s or 80’s movie poster feel with Rittz being the star attraction. Rittz talked about Top of the Line in an interview with NE Hip Hop in August of last year. He statedI’m waiting on the rest of the production. The way I like to get it is I like to get all my beats together and I can hear the beats and go ‘ok this is classic’ or ‘this is the sound that I want.’ Right now I got a guy in Germany names Heartbeatz who’s been making a lot of dope tracks. So I reached out to Seven from Strange and I think once Seven sends the tracks in, it’s going to be well-rounded and I can start writing on it…With Strange, your album’s gotta come out when it’s marketable and around every other artist…I’m just really going to try and rap my ass off on there and show you why I’m top of the line.”

You can watch the whole NE Hip Hop interview below. The part where he discusses Top of the Line starts at 8:14. Though you may want to watch to whole thing, if you missed it. The beginning has some interesting Gathering stories from the 16th Gathering. He also broke down how the Yelawolf LAF remix collaboration came about.


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