Rittz “Top Of The Line” – The Best Of Rittz?


The hype behind the newest release from Rittz titled Top Of The Line was no doubt through the roof. Fans from all over were anticipating the new music to come from this highly-skilled rapper, especially following the immense success of his previous record, Next To Nothing. While patiently awaiting the official release date, fans were blessed with a few snippets of flavor. Singles like “Propane”, “Ghost Story”, “Inside Of The Groove”, “My Window”, and “The Formula” definitely revealed the insane amount of passion behind the entirety of the album. With that in mind, let’s get into each track and break down my thoughts on them.

  1. Top Of The Line

This is the introduction to what is more than likely the meaning behind the title Top Of The Line, which I really love to see included in albums. Add to that, it is not just talking. Rittz actually drops rhymes in it, making it that much more enjoyable for me. Even from just the intro, you already know that the rest of the album will be Rittz’ best work yet.

2. Ghost Story

This was one of the first singles dropped ahead of the album, and I’ve loved it from the first listen. It’s very catchy and energetic, plus something about the chorus really sets this song as a personal favorite.

3. Until We Meet Again

The title alone gave me a feeling that I would like this song, and I’m glad to say that I was right. It’s extremely personal and even if you can’t relate to the meaning in relation to Rittz’ life, I can honestly say that I feel the pain that he’s expressed through the lyrics. The entire track is very deep and really makes you think. This one also has a chorus that I enjoy.

4. Pull Up

I really like the beat on this one, as well as the fact that the track itself is very catchy and easy to like. Some of the words make me think of the classic Rittz track, “Crown Royal”. As a fan of that song as well, I can easily say that “Pull Up” is a favorite.

5. Inside Of The Groove featuring E-40 and Mike Posner

This was another single released, and I must admit that I was pretty excited to hear it. After all, Rittz and Mike Posner have done tracks together in the past, all of which are personal favorites. Add to that, E-40 always brings super fresh flavor to featured tracks. So when I heard this one, I was far from disappointed. The beat is great and I couldn’t help but start bobbing my head a bit while I was listening. Let’s be honest, that’s a great way to tell whether or not a song is good!

6. Bootleg Kev (skit)

I’m always a sucker for a good skit, and this one is no different. If you need a laugh today, this one will not disappoint!

7. The Formula featuring Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko

This track was released the day before Top Of The Line, which, of course, really helps to build anticipation. Then again, you already know that this track is going to be dope before you even sit down to listen. I love that it gives insight to where Rittz comes from and how he came to be a Strange artist, while adding Tech’s view of bringing both Rittz and Kali onto the label. I absolutely love what Kali brought to this track, so altogether, I have no complaints about this one.

8. MVP

This track just screams “I don’t care what you think and I’ll never be like you.” For me, these kind of songs really hit home. I’ve always seen Rittz as the kind of artist who will only ever do him, and this song proves no different. I really like the beat on this one, as well as the message.

10. Propane featuring Devin the Dude and MJG

In some ways, this track reminds me of another Rittz song, “Going Through Hell”. Although the message is different, the general flow is somewhat similar. It’s extremely catchy, which I always appreciate in a hip-hop song. In my mind, Rittz is the perfect artist for performing songs like this. Adding Devin the Dude and MJG to the mix only makes this song that much better.

9. Kisa

This one is clearly about Rittz’ relationship with his girl, which I really love. The words are sweet, filled with plenty of meaning and sincerity. The chorus is easy to sing along to and the whole thing really made me smile. I can honestly say that this track is a new favorite.

11. My Window

I loved this track from the moment I heard it. It’s extremely relatable and reminds us all that we’re definitely not alone in our struggles. I’m so glad that a music video was made for this song because it really adds to the message.

12. Diamonds and Gold featuring Cheeto Gambine

The idea of this track is to showcase how and where Rittz grew up, having come from Atlanta. The flow of the entire track is extremely catchy, as well as the chorus. I really enjoyed this one because of the fact that it shines a light on the other side of someone’s fence.

13. Back To Yesterday

The level of pain is clear in this one, and I really appreciate that Rittz never has a problem with showing his emotions.  From a personal standpoint, I can easily relate to this track, even if the situation depicted in the song is different from my own. All in all, this is a very good track.

14. All Night

I really like this track because it gives some insight into tour life for Rittz, as well as the fact that he really appreciates every one of his fans. Basically, it’s a track to pay homage to how thankful he feels to have the career that he does.

15. Lookin’ Back Now

I feel as though this is another track about being thankful for such an incredible career, so really, it’s almost a continuation of “All Night”. However, the feeling is a little different, but, in general, I enjoyed this one.

16. Day Of The Dead

In my mind, “Day Of The Dead” surrounds the idea of not caring about what the haters have to say and just living your life. I’ve always been a fan of songs like this, so it goes without saying that this is another track from this album that has become a favorite.

17. Just Say No

This one feels like a continuation of “Blow” off of Next To Nothing, but with a more urgent kind of message. I suppose it’s almost a cry for help against addiction, but, of course, that could probably be argued against. Either way, it’s a very real message and I like it a lot.

18. Ang3r Management (skit)

This skit definitely portrays the opposite of fan reactions to Top Of The Line, but that’s what truly makes it funny.

19. I’m No Good

I feel this song on a seriously personal level, and I’m certain that I’m not the only one who does. The message is definitely a painful one, but allows people to realize that they are far from alone. In fact, these types of songs are one of the biggest reasons that I’m a fan of Rittz. Therefore, I love this song and honestly believe that it’s difficult to not love.

20. Nostalgia

I have so much love for this track because of the amount of emotion and love behind it. It’s clear that a lot of time and energy was put into it, and I couldn’t adore this song any more if I tried.

21. Strange Music Tag (outro)

Ya’ll already know what this is, so I don’t think I need to explain it.

There it is, juggalos! I hope that ya’ll enjoyed this review, but more than that, I hope that you enjoy the album as much as I did! Top Of The Line can be found at Best Buy and on iTunes.

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