Rittz Wants To Work With Jacoby Shaddix


Strange Music artist Rittz has recently expressed interest in working with Jacoby Shaddix! The connection started when the Papa Roach singer posted on his personal Twitter account, saying that he had recently been discovering some new music, including Rittz. Praising the rapper for his work, Shaddix quickly caught the attention of said artist. Rittz responded in a tweet by saying,

“Thanks so much man means a lot. Would love to do some work with you”.

This isn’t the first time Shaddix has been associated with Strange Music, as he has reached out to Tech N9ne in the past. Unfortunately, we have yet to see any collaboration from them despite the two artists having met up, but perhaps something will happen this time. As a fan of both Rittz and Papa Roach, I can say that I would really dig seeing a collaboration. It seems as though other ninjas in the Twitterverse would as well, so what do ya’ll think? Would these artists mix well? Should Tech N9ne still consider a collaboration himself? Let us know in the comments!

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