WWE Roadblock Madness

WWE Roadblock

WWE Roadblock live in Toronto, Canada. “The New Day, New Way” song fills the arena, as the new day enter with their unicorn horns and metro sexual leotards on. They enter the ring with their enthusiastic attitudes. IN the ring is a small table set up with a red sheet over it. Always hollering about eating booty O’s, Big E gets on his knees acting like a little boy as Kofi Kingston asks him why he eats his booty O’s. Then, Kofi pulls the red sheet off the table in the middle of the ring. What do you know? It’s a box of booty Os.”The league of their own” comes on as Sheamus and King Barrett come barreling to the ring. With the match under way there was a back and fourth match and, of course, there was a lot of trickery. As Xaiver Woods was around the ring at one point Barrett had Big E pinned but Xaiver had the ref distracted. Barrett even counted his win three count, but no dice. As the match comes to a close Big E hits Barrett with a Big Ending and a cover for the win. New Day keeps their titles and another week of their flamboyant ways.

Chris Jericho, what can I say about him? Well, I’ll say this. I missed him being the bad guy. His promos are always so epic. He comes to the ring with his usual asshole look on his face. The first thing he does, of course, is talk about how terrible his home country of Canada is and how he moved away and never wanted to come back. Then, as you already knew, he starts talking trash about AJ Styles and how he let him down. Before he could finish, “The Patriot” comes on as Jack Swagger heads to the ring ready to take Jericho out. During the match we all thought Swagger was going to make Jericho tap when he locked in the patriot lock but used the ref to break free and then puts Swagger in the walls of Jericho and ends the match.

WWE.com RoadblockThe WWE NXT tag team champions The Revival made up of Dash and Dawson, go up against Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady ( The Big Cass). This was one of my favorite matches of the night. Cass and Enzo take over quickly with their amazing ring chemistry. They take it to The Revival, pulling out team move after team move. Cass landed the east river crossing and setting up for the rocket launcher, but Dawson had other plans knocking Enzo off the top ropes. It all went down hill from there. Dawson is pursued by Cass, but Dawson uses Camilla as a shield like the punk he is. As Dash gets out of the ring, he hits Cass with the Shatter Machine. While they were distracted, Enzo hits Dash with a top rope DDT and rolls up Dawson, but only for a two count. The match closes after Dash makes a blind tag they hit another Shatter Machine and the WWE NXT tag team champions retain the title.

The WWE Diva champion Charlette faces Natalya. Natalya determined to be apart of the triple threat match against Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks at WWE WrestleMania 32. The match was mostly them trying to lock in submissions Natalya locks in the Sharpshooter, but Ric Flair helps her break free. Natalya infuriated tried to attack Rick Flare, but like I always say, never turn your back on a wrestler on the ground. Charlette rolls her up with her feet on the ropes and gets the three count for the win.

WWE RoadblockBrock Lesnar takes on Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper, which to me really isn’t a match at all. I mean really, Bray Wyatt is a coward that talks a big game and then sends his minions after you. The whole match Bray makes Luke fight Brock by himself going to suplex city the entire match one after another. Then unleashing the dreaded F5 ending the match with a three count. Following Bray Wyatt up the ramp Brock stares into his soul as Brock in fact puts the fear in Bray Wyatt.

Sami Zayne returned to the WWE during RAW last week and is already on a special event. WWE Roadblock goes up against Stardust. Not much to say about this match. It wasn’t really to spectacular. But it’s the match before the main event and everyone is getting snacks and using the bathroom. The match had a vicious ending as Zayne hits an exploder suplex and then hits a helluva kick to the face of Stardust.  Zayne then wins with a three count.

WWE.com RoadblockThe WWE championship is on the line in this main event, a match up between Triple H defending his title against Dean Ambrose. This wasn’t a good main event. Don’t get me wrong, both of these amazing superstars  have a lot of explosiveness, but this match just lacked the luster of a good main event on a special show. The match was just plain. Ambrose had the upper hand at the beginning of the match. Triple H even walked into a dirty deeds and got a three count, but the ref noticed he had his foot on the ropes. Of course, after that the tides turn and Triple H takes over ending the match with a pedigree and a three count.

Well, that was Roadblock. This so called special event wasn’t so good to me. No titles changed hands and it wasn’t much better than your every Monday Night RAW, but it was still had some good matches. I’d give Roadblock a B-. That ends yet another recap freshness by your favorite TJF wrestling ninja, The Everyday Ninja.

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