rob zombie guitarist john 5 making monsters music videoRob Zombie Guitarist John 5 Released Headbanger Music Video

John 5, Rob Zombie’s current guitarist, has released a Claymation mixed with live action music video with his band The Creatures. The track is off his new solo album Guitars, T!ts, And Monsters, set to be released later this year. “Making Monsters” features classic monsters Frankenstein, Dracula, the Black Lagoon Monster and a clay version of a creepy looking John 5 (pictured above) along with a bunch of other scary looking creatures all claymation. The song reminds me of Ozric Tentacles, but with a more heavy metal sound. It’s a pure hand-banging instrumental track. If you like guitar solos and hard hitting riffs this track will get you lifted. Why muck up all the good music with a bunch of lyrics?

The video is just amazing and really should be appreciated. It was no simple task integrating these visuals together. John 5 told Guitar World, “This video took six months or more to make, because there’s so much going on in it.” Indeed there is with both claymation and live action parts being fused together in a rock and roll masterpiece.

This video seems to follow a story of a kid who is literally making monsters like a car model. Then when the girl leaves, the creatures come to life Toy Story style, but these guys aren’t having adventures. They are rocking the hell out! The child sets them up for a monster concert, which they perform parallel to the live band with actual footage from some of the movies these classic creatures are from in the background. There is definitely a lot going on in this music video to enjoy.

Making Monsters, John 5 and the Creatures

John 5 also related to Guitar World his inspiration for this music video, Merion C. Cooper, who directed the original King Kong film.

 “That movie came out in 1933, and it pioneered some great stop-motion approaches, so I wanted to pay homage to Cooper for that,” 5 says.

“But the other big reason this is dedicated to Cooper is that he was such an inspiring guy in so many other ways,” 5 adds. “He was a war hero from World War I. He’d walk up to tigers in the wild and film them, with no fear. In King Kong’s famous finale, Cooper was actually in one of planes filmed buzzing around the Empire State Building. He was a movie director. He was an adventurer who could do just about anything.

“In other words,” 5 says, “Merion Cooper was the real Indiana Jones.”

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