rob zombie interviewRob Zombie was interviewed by Germany’s EMP Rock Invasion (video below). Since his new film “31” was partially funded by crowdfunding he was, of course, asked his opinion on this new way to produce movies. He basically stated that crowdfunding would be improved if the investors where able to somehow receive profits from these projects like large investors.

“I think what’s gonna be the next thing, though, will sort of be like crowdfunding, but if you put in a certain amount of money, you’re an actual owner of part of the movie. So if the movie makes money, you’ll make money. I think that’s the next thing. No one’s been able to quite figure out how to do that yet, ’cause it’s very complicated — if you suddenly have a thousand people that have a percentage of the movie and how do you pay ’em. But I think that’s gonna be the next thing they figure out.”
Rob Zombie also stated that he has recorded a brand new album but is holding off on releasing it since people don’t seem to like CDs anymore. So, in response to this trend, he plans to create a full length film for the album. What has really dominated Rob’s time was the production of soon to be premiered horror film31” which is about greased painted clowns playing a demented game with kidnapped carnies. He also mentions the surprising success of this annual Great American Nightmare with themes from his horror movies. It sure is a badass show. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have a theme park based of it?. Sure having a horrorific haunted house all year round sounds dope right? But, Rob thinks otherwise, stating people would get tired of it of if it were available all the time.

Rob Zombie Interview with EMP Rock Invasion

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