Rob Zombie Teasing “The Devil’s Rejects” Return?

Rob Zombie

We all saw how the Firefly family went down in a rain of bullets at the end of The Devil’s Rejects back in 2005. After both this and House Of 1000 Corpses finding their way into awesome horror history, it’s no surprise that fans of the short franchise were left wanting more. Director and musician Rob Zombie just premiered his newest film 31 at this year’s Sundance Film Festival last month, but it seems he isn’t ready to take a break or give up on the beloved psychopathic clan. Taking to his Instagram, Zombie gave fans the chance to express their opinions:

For the most part, the answer was a resounding YES!

This isn’t the first time Zombie has expressed interest in making the Firefly family’s story a trilogy. In 2014, he told Fangoria that he has an idea for a Devil’s Rejects follow-up that he’d love to bring to life. However, he noted that the decision is for Lionsgate to make, not him. He has said,

“I’ve always thought I’d like to make another movie, because I love the characters, and I have an idea I think is solid for the third one- an idea that would make sense. The problem is, I don’t own the characters now. They’re owned by Lionsgate, and they just don’t have any desire to do anything. So it isn’t me not doing it because I don’t want to; I don’t have the ability to get it done”.

The interesting thing about this is that Lionsgate recently gave the green light on a revival of the Saw franchise, so is it possible they may now have a desire to bring the Fireflys back? Or is Zombie just messing with our heads? At this point, only time will tell.

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