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Rob Zombie’s “31” World Premiere

That’s right ninjas! “31” is officially going to be premiered at the Sundance Film Festival from Jan 21 to 31 in Park City, Salt Lake City, Ogden and Sundance, Utah. The Rob Zombie film will be shown during the Midnight Section touted as a “special showcase of the most challenging but rewarding film experiences from around the world brought to you at the most arduous hour.”Afterward, a theatrical version will be released on a yet to be announced date in 2016.

From the tidbits of information that is being trickled to the public “31” seems to be shaping up to be a movie every Juggalo will love. The title of the film is the name of the morbid game kidnapped carnival workers must play on Halloween (the 31st! get it?) Who are their kidnappers? Well, this is were you start to wonder if Rob Zombie is a Juggalo, as the villains are a family of evil clowns all did up in grease paint. The victims in this movie must survive 12 hours in a place called Murder World where these violent clowns stalk them and does who knows what else. Considering Zombie’s previous films it’s going to be gruesome and messed the hell up. Just the way we horror film enthusiast like it!

Many fans and critics speculated when Rob Zombie first announced he was writing a new screenplay that this movie would be a sequel to one of his other movies considering he put them all in the teaser trailer he released last year (shown below.) But, it obviously has its own plot. Though some of the actors in this film are some familiar faces from other Rob Zombie films. It stars Malcolm McDowell, who played Dr. Loomis in Rob Zombie’s Halloween and Halloween II remakes. Rob’s wife, Sheri Moon Zombie,also stars as Charly. Over all, “31” is really shaping up to be a uniquely horrific experience.

31 Teaser Trailer


It’s amazing what you can do with crowdfunding. This film would not have been produced if it weren’t for all the funds he received from fans. Rob Zombie in the beginning of this project, stated, “if you wanna do stuff outside the system, you’ve gotta function outside the system.” As Juggalos we know all about that, don’t we?

Rob Zombie About 31

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Watch some behind the scenes footage from “31” on Rob Zombies Youtube Channel.

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