Rockfest Organizer Talks Having Tech N9ne On The Bill

Rob Prior Tech painting

With all the Tech N9ne/Rockfest articles coming out recently, it isn’t exactly breaking news about Tech’s upcoming performance at Rockfest, Kansas City’s biggest music festival, this weekend.  Bob Edwards, program director for 98.9 The Rock, and one of Rockfest’s organizers recently talked Tech N9ne and having him perform at a largely rock/metal festival.

“We’re really excited to have Tech on the show,” Bob Edwards, program director for 98.9 The Rock, says. “From our standpoint, Tech really represents what Kansas City is all about. We watched Tech for years and years build his following in Kansas City, do it himself and certainly, put a lot of hard work into it.”
Playing a mainly active rock festival goes along with Tech N9ne’s mindset that he’s willing to play any place at any time, as long as the price is right and people want to listen.
“We go wherever our fans are,” he told St. Joe Live in a previous interview. “If we’re getting hits from our store in Slater, then we go service our fans in Slater.”
Edwards says he expects the moment Tech N9ne takes the Rockfest stage, people are bound to go insane.
“We feel like Rockfest is an opportunity he’s more than earned and that he’ll do a fantastic job,” he says.
The success of Rockfest is thanks in part to its ability to give fans and what they want and a little bit of the unexpected.
“If anything, we look for bands that we know that the audience, the radio station is really into and we do look for a bit of a balance of the old and the new, even putting someone like Tech on the show,” Edwards says. “We want to make sure there’s something for everyone, from the harder acts to the pop acts to the old acts to the new acts.”
From the thumping rock of Halestorm to the classic hard rock of Anthrax, Edwards says variety is always key.
“At festival, there shouldn’t be 20 bands that are all the same sort of band. There should be variety through the day, something for everybody that wants to come out,” he says.
The festival will also feature its signature staples like dual ziplines and its autograph, where each performer is available to sign memorabilia for fans for a half-hour.
“We’ve got a lot of the interactive displays from our different sponsors. Rather than people in booths selling things, there’s a lot of things that you can put your hands on and play with and touch and control,” he says



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