Rude Boy On Card Subject To Change Podcast

Rude Boy JCW Card Subject To Change

Throw this one in the “In Case Ya Missed It” file, because it’s a few months old.  We missed it, so you might have too!  Here we have JCW Hardcore Wrestling legend Rude Boy in an interview with the Card Subject To Change podcast hosted by Jamie Welton.


Jamie Welton hosts Card Subject To Change from Chesterfield, UK.  The ninja is holding it down for Juggalos all the way in Europe.

In the interview Welton and Rude Boy talk his wrestling career, his introduction to the world of wrestling, his own promotion running out of Detroit called International Bigtime Wrestling, Juggalo Championship Wrestling, the Gathering of the Juggalos, WWE, the Hulk Hogan situation and more!

With Rude Boy just 2 weeks away from his retirement match let’s go back and look at his interview he did with Jamie Welton.  Look for more in the future as we celebrate the career of the JCW legend.

Jamie really does a good job on these podcasts.  They are most definitely TJF approved.  Be sure to click here to check out more episodes of the Card Subject To Change podcast.