The Rude Boy Announces Retirement

The Rude Boy - Juggalo DayOnce again this week’s Psychopathic radio’s Juggalo Show was, quite a shocking show. At the end of the show The Rude Boy made quite the announcement that took everyone off guard. He announced his retirement from wrestling. From the discussion that occurred sadly like a lot of athletes in a very physical sport health concerns are the reason for the decision. He talked about how in a recent visit to the doctor discussed a concern he had, apparently Rude Boy is showing early signs of dementia. As we all know family is very important to him and in order to spend the most time with them, along with living a longer healthier life he needs to step away from the ring.

With how sad the announcement is to those who love JCW, I know we all can appreciate the concern for the Rude Boy’s health and wellbeing. However, all that being said this year’s Gathering will be his last match, giving his all! You will not get to see him again like this in the ring, that match will be the most epic of his matches in his long career. Be sure to hit up Bloody Mania 10, and help celebrate his long career, and if you have not seen the Rude Boy live this will be your last chance.

I know the whole staff as well as the whole juggalo family want to Thank Rudy for years of dedication to his craft and to the Fam. It’s a guarantee that I speak for everyone when I say were looking forward to the Gathering to help bid you a farewell from JCW and wish you all the luck with your health! With all that being said this year’s Gathering is slowly becoming more and more epic as time goes on. With a huge line up, insane side acts, funny as hell comedians, Kick ass JCW, fun after hour parties and more. If you have not been convinced yet to take the trek to legend Valley I don’t know what will! Much Love All!

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