Famous actor Ben Affleck has been rumored to take up starring as well as directing and co-writing in this new Gotham Hero movie.  Well, I sure don’t know what too expect, especially since this isn’t the only Batman movie he will be starring in.




Yep, you heard it right. Apparently, it’s been rumored that Mr. Affleck is going to  direct, co-write and even

star in a new Batman movie for WB and DC, and also DC’s Geoff Johns. For those who don’t know Geoff

John is a comic book writer that has written with some of the most popular comic book companies and been

involved with titles such as Flashpoint, Darkest Night,and Justice society of America. He’s also an executive

producer on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Now, it’s been said that the project will begin after Affleck completes his adaptation of Live by Night, a novel

by Dennis Lehane. Deadline.com claims that He and John are well in synch and have more than found

their rhythm“. So it’s easily  assumed that they will have a script finished before we know it.

Although, no release dates have been officialised it’s said that it is focused around the time frame before the events of Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice And Justice League: Part One.



Now Afflecks more dark styled material can been seen more in his directing versus his acting,  so for you real DC comic Batman fans we’re hoping it really shows. His last directed picture, Argo, has already  won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2013 and Live By Night turn attentions to organized crime in the Prohibition Era. So all in all I’m personally hoping this film too turn into the Gotham we know and  love. I suppose we will see though.

Now if this rumor is true we hope to expect an official announcement at DC’s Panel at Comic Con Saturday morning so, hopefully if anything is released we will let you guys know as soon as we do!!!