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Safyre paid it forward

We have all heard Safyre’s tragic story and how ICP along with countless others generously gave to his poor little angel who was only asking for some Christmas cards. She ended up with over 660,000 Christmas cards and 16,000 packages. That was just too much for one little girl. I am sure most would agree that this wasn’t the only child in need this Christmas. Her story touched so many and encouraged more giving than she really needed or really wanted. Can you imagine getting over 16,000 presents! So, on Christmas Eve Safyre with her family gave her over abundance to two women’s shelters, the Salvation Army’s Evangeline Booth Miracle Home in Schenectady and the Unity House in Troy.

Within many of the Christmas cards was gift certificates which Safyre and her family used to get more gifts for the children and their mothers. The mothers got to pick out the presents they wanted and got to wrap them themselves. That is an extra special bonus! Not to mention some of the gifts were for the mothers. That seems extra special as many forget the parents when giving to children. The whole experience was touching not only for the families getting a better Christmas than they thought, but everyone involved and surely all those who hear she story.

This story shows how much we can do together as giving human beings. Can you imagine if everybody who was down and out on Christmas could get some help? This girl got more than she needed and did the right thing and payed it forward to others who needed more. We all can learn something from this girl.

Read the exclusive story at the Daily Gazette which also has pictures of Safyre and her family dropping off presents to the shelters.


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