Satire About ICP Donating 10,000 Bottles of Faygo to Flint

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The Truth & How You Can Help The People Of Flint !

We all know of the water crisis Flint , MI has been dealing with, especially since it has hit national news. This morning a satire article was posted about Psychopathic Records and ICP donating 10,000 bottles of Faygo to the city in need. As Juggalos, Faygo is not only important to us and the group ICP, but also for its home state Michigan.  SO it would make perfect sense for them to donate the one drink they promote more than anything, right? We have to give the writers of the satire article that at least. They must have done their research!

With all the national attention this water crisis has been getting, there have been many other influential artists and companies making donations to the city, so, of course, ICP would have the heart to do the same. Except instead of water,  why wouldn’t they want to do so with the sweet, sugary ass flavor only Faygo could offer. Faygo break anyone?!

Photo taken By TJF Photog Ed Steele @ GOTJ 16

Photo By TJF Photog Ed Steele @ GOTJ 16


“Yo, Snyder’s fucked. So we just wanna give everyone something a little psychopathic in their lives,” continued Violent J, Insane Clown Posse’s co-founder. “That’s why we’re hoping all y’all hatchet-swinging Juggalos and Juggalettes in Flint switch over to this dope-ass Faygo until this crisis is over, and encourage your loved ones to do the same. Whoop whoop!”

Above was one of the comments that was supposedly stated by the insane clowns. I mean who wouldn’t want to shower in Faygo instead of the lead poisoned water? Obviously, it would taste better, you just might be a tad sticky. Plus, brushing your teeth with it would be a riveting experience among other things!

But all jokes aside ninjas, we all know Psychopathic Records and Insane Clown Posse alike are generous as fuck and participate very actively in charities both big and small. From charity concerts like the RassleRap Charity Tour where all of the proceeds from the shows went to St. John’s Children’s Hospital to help sick and chronically ill children and their families, food and can drives for local charities and families in the area, several toys for tots donations, and many more. Needless to say, our homies at Psychopathic give back as much as possible.

We hope this article has grabbed your attention, because the real issue here is that Flint, MI does need our help. If you are wanting to make donations to the city you can go to THIS link, because even if the donation is small it DOES make a difference. Also, if you are planning on attending the annual Juggalo Day Weekend events, you can participate as well. On February 19th, if you stop by the Hilton garden Hotel Inn located in Downtown Detroit you can make donations there.

“We ask that you come drop by the Hilton Garden Inn Downtown Detroit when you’re in town for Juggalo Day and donate some water! We will also accept donations will be shared with the Catholic Charities of Genesee County. The Catholic Charities provide not only water, but hot meals as well Monday through Friday. They are taking very good care of the people of Flint .”

ICP Flint

Like and follow the Facebook event page; Water for Flint to stay updated on ways to help while you’re in town for the Juggalo Day Weekend festivities. Us Juggalos CAN make a difference! Help us spread the love!

~Whoop whoop~

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