Balls Mahoney

A sad day in the wrestling world as Jonathan Rechner, also known as Balls Mahoney in the ECW, was found dead in his home on April 12th. Mahoney was discovered by Jonny Candido, one of his best friend’s the late Chris Candido’s brother. He’s survived by his son Christopher and his wife. The authorities have not released the cause of death, but according to his best friend Jonny Candido on Twitter, despite the rumors, he did not shoot himself. To make matters even worse, he passed just one day after his 44th birthday.

Balls MahoneyBalls Mahoney was an ECW icon, best known for his insane, bloody, hardcore matches, and his trusty steel chair that he always had by his side. Being from New Jersey, Jonathan’s first debut was at the ripe age of 15 as Abbudah Singh. He also appeared in the WWE as Xanta Clause for a short time. However, his true calling was in the ECW where his crazy antics and off-the-wall personality made him shine as Balls Mahoney. He then went back to the WWE when they relaunched ECW, where he was one of the first signed, but later released once again in 2008. Mahoney wrestled independently since then, making appearances in the WWA and JCW where he was apart of the group called The Scrub Club, which consisted of Mad Man Pondo, Necro Butcher, and of course, Balls Mahoney.

So many lives this man has touched in the wrestling community. Tommy Dreamer posted on Twitter, “I am beyond sad to announce my friend ECW original Balls Mahoney has passed away, I just spoke to his wife.” Many others also shared stories and ways that he has touched their lives. Condido tweeted ” Balls was crazy & probably gave me 5 concussions. But he also gave me my first PPV match an introduced me to sushi, Some good memories.” Our wicked clown homies Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope released a tweet, as well, “RIP our Juggalo homie Balls Mahoney. Scrub Club Forever!”

Such a tragic loss. He is unfortunately the ninth pro wrestler to die in 2016. What is going on so many good people are taken away before their time? We say goodbye to a legend of his time, and there will never be another like you, Balls Mahoney. They’d better bury you with you chair! Rest in piece, Balls Mahoney.

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