Two Juggalos Caught Selling Drugs



Timothy Bertrand from SocialNewsDaily reported on July 31st, “Juggalo with ‘Cocaine’ Sign Arrested for Selling Cocaine.”  At this years 16th annual Gathering of the Juggalos, Daniel L. Drew (leftB9318233912Z.1_20150727162738_000_G2LBFCDHM.1-0) had a handwritten sign conveying the selling  of B9318233912Z.1_20150727162738_000_G2LBFCDFD.1-0Cocaine.  He sold twenty dollars worth of the drug to undercover cops and was immediately arrested.

Along with Drew, John W. Reardon (right), a nineteen year old boy, was charged with aggravated drug trafficking.  He was arrested after the police saw him taking profit off of two people for MDMA.  Along with him, his female partner was also arrested for she had “Molly for sale” written across her bare chest.


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