Seven Exclusive Interview: More About the Production of Go

Seven Exclusive Interview: More About the Production of Go

It seems Strange Music is working extra hard hyping Krizz Kaliko‘s new album GO. This is the second time Strange producer Micheal ‘Seven’ Summers has been interviewed about the production of the album. In this Seven interview he talks more about the production of GO and the process him and Krizz went through to put together each song.

All the songs were not created equal. Though this album is hyped as being the singing album everyone at Strange has been wanting to hear from Krizz they mixed in some old rapping that we all expect from Krizz Kaliko. That throwback to his rap style is heard on the live stream release of the song “Orangutan.” Then there was a little more rap on the song “No No’s” which Stevie Stone claims a little part in though is not mentioned as a feature.

With the recent release of the track “Talk Up On It,” which has made headlines with it’s music video production, brings the Soul music element to the album that will be heard throughout the whole album. This album is a refection of Krizz’s soul and life. GO was centered around producing that element of music that just clicks with Krizz and portrays a lot of emotion. He is a bit of a Dysfunctional guy after all. He’s always been using his choir voice on Tech tracks though some fans seem to have not noticed. That is why everyone from Seven to Tech N9ne are excited for this album.

Seven Exclusive Interview: More About the Production of Go

But GO just like Krizz’s life was not all easy and something that just came together easily. Seven relates how the track “Happish” which was preformed live for a Behind the Spotlight Web Exclusive was almost not included in the album. It’s best explained by the Seven:

Every song is different the way it comes together. “Happyish” is a song that Krizz had an idea for already, and that song went through a lot of stages. That song almost got thrown away. I pretty much forced him to use that song. I kept telling him to use that song. To me, I thought that was the song that we should’ve ended the album with. We had so many different versions of it. The song that you hear on the album is the stripped down, acoustic version. There’s no drums, there’s no bass line – it’s pretty minimal.

The exclusive interview ends with Seven‘s favorites from GO. As the producer it is really interesting what is his most favored songs off this extremely hyped new album is. He also explains that this album and all Strange Music albums are not just a bunch of songs all mashed together. All the song have something tying them all together making the album a whole. GO seems to be Seven’s favorite batch of Krizz Kaliko songs to date.

“Wallflower” and “Big F U” are my favorites. There are a lot of songs on there that I really love. These are songs that I’ve wanted Krizz to do for so long, but we’ve never done before. “No Love”, “Logged Off”, “Big F U”, and “Wallflower” – that set of songs was a sound that I always wanted Krizz to do, but we never did it because when me and Krizz make albums, they all sound unique.

We don’t make an album and it’s just all over the place. All the songs have something that’s gluing everything together. Since I’ve known Krizz, which is like a decade and a half, I’ve wanted to do that sound. I wanted the “Wallflower” and “Logged Off”. That was what I wanted to do. This batch of songs is probably my favorite that Krizz has ever done.

Read the entire Seven exclusive interview on the Strange Music Blog.

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