Seventh Anniversary of WICKED: The Greatest Twiztid Album!

Seventh Anniversary of WICKED: The Greatest Twiztid Album!

Today, as everyone who’s logged into Facebook knows, is St.Patrick’s day. Well, seven years ago on this day Twiztid released WICKED. For all the new Juggalos that stands for Wish I Could Kill Everyday. Check the title track homies! WICKED peaked on the Billboard 200 chart at number 11. It is the favored album of most Twiztid fans and is a masterpiece of horrocore at it’s finest. In fact, it is the fourth highest charting album in Psychopathic Records history beaten only by three Jokers’ Cards, The Jeckel Bros, Bang! Pow! Boom! and The Mighty Death Pop! Being the anniversary of this super dope album you’ll want to put it in your party music rotation. Twiztid has you covered on that being the dope mutherfackles they are! In Twiztid We Trust!

WICKED ~ Full Album from Twiztid Official

Witchy’s Seventh Anniversary of WICKED Review and Reminisce

As for myself, I absolutely LOVE this album and it is my favorite Twiztid album. This is the album I cut my Twiztid teeth on, as it was the first Twiztid or Psychopathic show in general I ever attended. I listened to Green Book right before this came out and it was awesome, but this is the album that got me hooked on Twiztid. Now, don’t get me wrong I listen and adore all of Twiztid’s albums. Though, WICKED is the album I have permanently memorized from beginning to end. I listened to it non-stop for a long time, even after Heartbroken and Homicidal came out which I also love, but doesn’t compare to the greatness of WICKED.

WICKED is the FUCKING DEFINITION of a HORRORCORE album. It’s the album to show a newcomer for sure! Like a classic horror film, such as Psycho, it never losses it’s creepy appeal. No matter how many times you listen to it, it never gets old. Plus, it has all the now classic Twiztid tunes we expect to hear at a Twiztid concert like “Buckets of Blood”, “They Told Me”, and “Whoop Whoop.” I remember the WICKED concert itself had everyone raving. It was a straight up performance of the whole album beginning to end with some wicked (pun intended!) visuals up on the concert screen. It was a musical horror show at it’s finest.  And still the best Twiztid concert I’ve seen to date and I’ve seen them 4 times at the Gathering which is always an awesome show. (The stories they tell at the Gathering are hilarious. Also, they always do something special for the Juggalos in attendance). Furthermore, it was at this concert Twiztid played the now almost traditional concert ending song by Journey “Don’t Stop Believing” which Juggalos seem to love and know by heart. Overall, every song on this album is a Juggalo hit. How many albums can you say that about? Every track has you submerged in the Wicked Shit!

This fabulous Twiztid album also produced the greatest Twiztid music video ever, “HA HA HA HA HA HA.” The morbid humor of this music video is off the scale. It’s my daughter of only 10 years old favorite music video. The end is priceless. They’re both thinking, “Ya, I’m going to kill this mutherfucker.” The thoughts of what happens next is just entertainment to the max. Do they simultaneously try to kill each other and then become best friends finding out they have similar blood lusts? Or does one kill the other reigning as the top killer? No one knows and that’s what makes the ending perfect!

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Music Video

Happy St. Patricks Day/ WICKED Anniversary!

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