Sewerside “Gather” Single from GOTJ Inspired EP

What’s up ninjas! We all know that the only time Juggalos are truly at home is during the Gathering. So what am I getting at? Well, the homie Sewerside made a song based on the lands that we call home served up exclusively for the fam. The single “Gather” talks about waking up in strange places, chilling with homies, the bad smells, the disgusting toilets, the unfair justification of a label thrown at us by a certain agency……. but yet he still finds a way to describe the magic of all of the insanity that goes down at the Gathering. It’s definitely a dope track to bump along to in preparation for the Gathering which as we all know is real soon. So have fun fam but be safe out there!

Gather ~ Sewerside



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