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Shaggy 2 Dope Interview: Juggalos are People!

Also Fighting FBI Classification and Keeping Entertaining interviewed Shaggy 2 Dope in anticipation of ICP’s return to touring Canada after their 13-year absence due to legal issues. In the Shaggy interview, he talks about how their success is not looked at as anything real since it’s all Juggalos at the shows and buying their merch. Well, Juggalos are people too!  The interviewer mentions Shaggy’s serial use of “Know what I’m saying?” like he’s from the department of know what I’m saying. But the interview is nothing but respectful. And Shaggy’s point is absolutely valid.

“The biggest misconception from people looking from the outside at Juggalos is that Juggalos aren’t people, you know what I’m saying?” Shaggy 2 Dope tells Exclaim! “It’s just like, we could sell a million, two million records, all those people are gonna say is, ‘Oh you only sold them to Juggalos.’ You know what I’m saying? We could sell out a fucking stadium, and they’d be like, ‘Oh it doesn’t matter, you only sold it to Juggalos. Who cares?’

“How does that make sense, you know what I’m saying? Juggalos are sub-humans or something? You know what I’m saying? It’s like, Juggalos are just as significant as anybody else, you know what I’m saying? A Juggalo is a person.”

This interview continues with Shaggy’s explanation that Juggalos come from all walks of life and that the hate continues with the FBI classification. Shaggy’s depiction of the FBI bullshit is really priceless. It’s pure and simple how the shit is.

“It’s a shame, though. Some 15-year-old kid who lives in the sticks, just because he has a Psychopathic [Records] shirt? He’s not in a fucking gang. Get outta here, you know. Just the whole thought of it is so crazy. It doesn’t seem real. You know what I’m saying? It’s something you might hear about in some third world country or something. It’s just fucking amazing to me how stupid it is.”

Shaggy relates how they keep it entertaining and they can connect with the Juggalos, unlike other artists who are so distant from their fan base.

“I think that’s why we got such a deep connection with the audience, because we basically are the same fucking people,” he says. “We came from the same fucking place. And you know we don’t go to Hollywood parties. We don’t rub elbows with celebrities. We’re just two normal motherfuckers. You know what I’m saying? We’re not living in fucking mansions in Malibu, you know what I’m saying? We live in fucking houses outside of Detroit…. There’s a connection that a lot of people don’t have with their audience.”

He also states that even though they have a 20-year rap career they are still just beginning. There is nothing they can’t accomplish. Juggalos never die! You what I’m saying?

Read the whole delectable Shaggy 2 Dope interview on  All you Canadian Juggalos can catch ICP at the following dates and get your tickets at

06/24 Montebello, QC – Amnesia Rockfest
06/25 Windsor, ON – Boom Boom Room
06/26 Sarnia, ON – The Station Music Hall
06/28 Oshawa, ON – Music Hall
06/29 Barrie, ON – Roxy Theatre
06/30 Toronto, ON – Opera House
07/01 Brantford, ON – Club NV
07/02 Guelph, ON – Guelph Concert Theatre
07/06 Winnipeg, MB – Pyramid Cabaret
07/08 Regina, SK – Pump Roadhouse
07/09 Edmonton, AB – Union Hall
07/10 Saskatoon, SK – TCU Place
07/11 Red Deer, AB – Wild Bill’s
07/12 Calgary, AB – Marquee Beer Market & Stage
07/14 Kelowna, BC – Sapphire Club
07/15 Vancouver, BC – Venue Nightclub
07/17 Victoria, BC – Distrikt Nightclub


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