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Shaggy Talks Faygo, Gathering Budget, J’s Weight Loss and More

Shaggy 2 Dope was interviewed yet again in anticipation of ICP’s return to Canada. The Winsor Star asked Shaggy about their relationship with the Faygo company, losing money putting on the Gathering, Violent J’s weight loss, the FBI gang list, and about their return to Windsor. Shaggy’s responses are candid and on point as usual.

Many people think that ICP has some special contract or deal with Faygo. But, they don’t and in fact Faygo may sell mass quantities of Faygo to ICP for their concerts they try to distant themselves from them. I guess they think the rest of their customers wouldn’t appreciate it. Though I would have to guess Juggalos are a big part of their continued success.

“I guess the old guy that owns Faygo hates our guts … I mean, we buy it in bulk. We buy so f**king much of it, but we don’t have no special arrangement with them. The only arrangement is us giving them a lot of money for a lot of years.”

“Faygo is like the third member of ICP! That’s what we do. An ICP show is just not an ICP show without Faygo.”

It is commonly thought that Psychopathic Records make a killing on the Gathering with the huge attendance and all. But all those bomb ass acts, awesome displays at the end of the ICP set, carnival rides, and every other dope event and entertainment costs more than what they pull in on tickets and passes. Their real goal is just breaking even which still means putting in those months of work for free just so all us Juggalos can have an awesome time every year.

“The beautiful thing about it [the Gathering] is there’s no corporate sponsors. The only sponsor is our label, Psychopathic Records. And we lose money every year. We lose our a**es every year! It’s a thing we do for Juggalos, our way of giving back.”

“I think last year, we came close to breaking even (laughs). People misconceive. They just think we make, like, millions of dollars from doing it. But that couldn’t be further from the truth … No corporations want to touch us. They never have.”

Shaggy reiterated the situation with the FBI which is still the same it has been for months. Their second attempt at getting an appeal was accepted but there is no talk of a court date. The FBI gang classification is just being “swept under the rug.”

He also said that Violent J is back down to crowd surfing weight. J might just be back down to Shangri-La era size and landing on your head.

The interview ends with Shaggy explaining he had some legal issue with being able to tour Canada. It’s been 17 years since they have been to Winsor but they are back like a vertebra.

Read the whole interview on Winsor Star.

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