Shane McMahon Returning To WWE
Shane McMahon

WWE and Shane McMahon could be back working together next year. are reporting that a Shane McMahon themed DVD and Blu Ray release is currently penciled in for May.

It isn’t confirmed yet, possibly because WWE and Shane are still discussing the terms of his involvement. Presumably he’d be interviewed for a documentary, with the rest of the set comprising his best matches and segments.

You’d also maybe expect a return to Raw, as a way of promoting the release.

It is exciting news. Shane was a naturally charismatic performer, and he really was decent in the ring as a wrestler. He as all about major spots and daredevil risks. But it is a potential documentary that would really be fascinating. How did he feel about Stephanie clawing power away from him in the early 2000’s? Did he and Vince fall out over his departure from the company? What’s his thoughts on Triple H’s current role as an executive?

Shane left in 2010 and has had little to do with WWE since. He’s an accomplished businessman and is busy with projects outside of WWE, but just him coming back for a few appearances next year is going to very big news.