Ain’t Nobody Gunna Stop My Shine


In the Darkest, Shine

Everywhere I turn lately, everyone I run into – has been getting the bitch slap from life. If that isn’t you – don’t worry, your time will come (horay! -Not.) Everyone takes their turn gettin’ the bone – so I’ve got a little reminder for you.

You got SHINE. Ain’t nobody gunna stop it.

So what is it? This shine that we sing about and celebrate?



Life is hella complicated, hell, uhhh – WE are hella complicated. But, WE also strive for simple things, both in our lives and in unity with our family. When you chase simple elements in life, your life becomes simplified (well, for the most part. I ain’t no fucking tooth fairy, now c’mon!). As simple as it can get is – to do what’s right. Now hold up, before you go throwing fucking rocks – even legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd mama’s wanted their babies to grow into simple men (here – because it’s fucking Lynyrd Skynyrd, that’s why!), but what is right is going to change from person to person in any given situation. But when faced with options, if you search yourself for just a moment and determine what the right thing for you to do is – and do it – your conscious isn’t going to be there to complicate your internal conversation. That in and of itself is enough to be a great relief to many people – to quieten the inner struggle. See? Simplicity – works. down to only three people a day.


You know you are amazing. You the freshest, dopest, trickest fuckin shit head walkin around in your hatchet gear or whatever you got on. You’re an amazing artist, singer, actor, rapper, gangster – and you are proud. But you’re not so blinded by your self infatuation to notice that everyone else is amazing too, and that not only are there people who your talents and skills surpass – but also those whose talents and skills surpass your own. You can appreciate what other people can and do bring to the table and are not threatened by the skills, talents and abilities of other people. You don’ t need to boast yourself – your work (or whatever) speaks for itself. You don’t need to be jealous because you can admire.


You can be counted on to give respect where respect is truly due. When that chick gets knocked over in the moshpit (yes that was me) you stop and pick her ass up (hott or nott) before she gets trampled by the ensuing maddness of the gathering icp show fandom rushing into the stage as the lights go down (yes, you — thank you!). You walk away from the bull shit of stomping all over people, literal or otherwise -not only because it would be a tarnish to your good name, but also due to your own inner decency. When a good name can get you an on the spot, no questions asked loan (thank you too!) – I’d say a good name is worth something.


You get your homies together and clean up your streets (Thank You, and Thank Youand a big fuckin thank you to anyone else in on this freshness). You see a woman and her child in danger, jump in to stop that shit, (Gone, but not forgotten brother).   You defend your friends and family against unfair treatment over unfair misconceptions because you know they are good people( Thank you, to all involved!). You rely on some very core standards of what should be done, and handle that shit.


You. You are a FREE muthafucker, free from so much of the stupid shit in the world. And you’re fucking geeked because on your journey to your missing link – whether still in progress or having already been found – you’ve realized that you can choose to be this way. Can’t no one hold you down, now. Your joy and fulfillment grows every day because now you know you can choose it. Mostly – at least for me – thanks to the carnival.


This is what we want, this is who we are and this is what we do. It’s partly why we call it family and any of you ass holes who got that shine – I’m so grateful to call you family. So shine, guys. Shine right through that shit you’re walking in right now. When it feels like you can’t shine anymore, just shine harder. You got something they can’t get – you got that wicked shine.