Sick Nick Mondo Latest Guest On Kevin Gill Show

 Sick Nick Mondo

What is up y’all? Just wanted to let y’all know that the Kevin Gill Show has a brand new episode up! For this episode, Sick Nick Mondo -the Death Match Hall of Fame extraordinaire- sits down for the PMA Power Hour with KG. Here is what Kevin Gill had to say about the episode:

“Hall Of Fame deathmatch wrestler Sick Nick Mondo sits down to talk about his film career, being inspired by Paul Heyman and ECW, Ken Anderson, Backyard Wrestling Video Game, relocating to Japan, breaking into wrestling, retiring at 23, Combat Zone Wrestling, Little Mondo, his new film “The Trade“, Botchamania, Zandig, Mick Foley, and so much more!”

Check out the interview in its’ entirety below:

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