Six songs that take a stand on the Confederate Flag, what is your opinion on these 6 songs? Newsmax releases six songs that take a stand on Confederate Flag. Yes, there is a few country songs, but hey I love some country music. Insane Clown Posse even made it on this list. So with all the controversy going on about the Confederate Flag, what is y’all’s opinion on this issue?

Confederate Flag

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1. What Country Is
Luke Bryan’s song aims to define what living in the rural South is, mentioning sweet tea and buttered biscuits, but he says, “It ain’t a rebel flag your bought at the mall.”

2. Confederate Flag
The Insane Clown Posse song makes more than 20 references to the Confederate flag and calls it offensive while throwing extremely obscene remarks toward those who fly it.

3. Kiss My Country A—
This song by Blake Shelton promotes patriotism for the Union, but refers to the “Rebel flag flyin’,” among other Southern stereotypes. He then sings, “If you got a problem with that … You can kiss my country a—.”

4. Maryland, My Maryland
The official state song, though it does not make direct reference to the Confederate flag, remains anti-North today, and has recently garnered much attention. While Maryland never seceded, many in the state were in favor of the confederacy. The song calls President Abraham Lincoln a “despot” and the Union is known as “northern scum.”

5. Accidental Racist
This Brad Paisley song in collaboration with rapper LL Cool J makes reference to the country singer apologizing to a Starbucks employee for wearing a T-shirt with a Confederate flag on it. The song was widely criticized when it was first released in 2013 for the lyrics.

6. The Battle Cry of Freedom
The song was first performed in the North as a rally song during the war, but it soon came to popularity in the South, where they made their own lyrics to the same tune. “Down with the eagle and up with the cross!” the song goes.