slim jesus super brutal diss

Slim Jesus Super Brutal Diss Music Video by Twisted M

Independent rapper, Twisted M, from Colorado released his Slim Jesus Super Brutal Diss music video on the MaCaATIC Crew youtube channel today. As the title indicates it is a super brutal dis of rapper Slim Jesus. Slim Jesus made fame with his viral music video “Drill Time.” Now, the internet is a buzz with Slim Jesus criticisms.

Captureslim jesus super brutal diss

Twisted M decided to jump on the bandwagon of those appalled by this poser rapper. Or maybe Slim Jesus is just a representation of all the fake bullshit in the Hip Hop industry today. If the mainstream wasn’t so fake there might not be an underground. Luckily, we have independent artists spitting some real shit.

Twisted M shouts out a proud “HOR” after establishing that Slim Jesus and his fans are what’s wrong with the world. HOR stands for “Homies Onda Regular.” That’s some real shit there. Why doesn’t some of these real talented underground/independent artist get recognized? Well, I guess all the real music fans are Juggalos or something similar. Fans are what drives artist to make more art. So, stupid artist have stupid fans. Real Artist have real fans.

Check out the dis video below. This is some real entertainment there. The hilarious disses will have you rolling. He really rips Slim Jesus a new anus in this track. He really seems to have a real dislike for the phony teenager and the fakeness he has wrought to the internet. The production on the video is high quality also. It has the classic rapper talking to the camera in the tagged up alleyways theme.  But song is the real entertainment of this video.

Slim Jesus Super Brutal Diss Music Video


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