Slipknot Lays Down The Line



If you are a fan of Slipknot like myself you more then likely follow them on Facebook. If you don’t however, then you might have missed the message to their fans that they wrote a few days ago. In this letter, they address a law passed in North Carolina called the HB2 law. The law is one that prohibits the use of a bathroom, to anyone that is not legally labeled that gender. So if you identify as a woman but physically  you’re a male and your I.D. states you are a male then it bans you from using the woman’s room. The same goes for a person who is physically a female but identifies as a man. Well, Slipknot did not like this and have decided to partner up with Equality NC, a group that fights for the rights of LGBT in North Carolina. Slipknot did not wish to cancel the show to protest the bill. Instead they will continue playing their show with Equality NC at the show so that people can learn more and register to vote against the bill. I out of my own personal view,  believe it’s a great thing to see a band care so much for its fans regardless of gender and such.  I find happiness and a small light of hope in seeing people come together in times of such separation.

View Their Statement Below



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