Snak The Ripper and Madchild Review

Snak The Ripper and Madchild

This Canadian Hip-Hop war duet involving Snak The Ripper and Madchild is developing down a slick slope into dry disses, according to Bootymath.

Noisey wrote an article earlier this past week about a review from Awful Records’ Bootymath about the Snak The Ripper vs Madchild Beef War.  Within, he gives a statement that, “That Fatal Attraction song was definitely the hardest one, that beat is so funny.  The Brevner diss was terrible though.”


Bootymath‘s review of the beef between Snak The Ripper and Madchild has a good message behind it.  This diss war is becoming old and losing its flavor.  Many fans want to see the two stop warring while some want to see more dissing action.  Unless the two can come up with new angles, it seems Bootymath‘s review is pretty accurate of the entire story.

Click here to view Bootymath‘s review and click the hyperlinks above to catch up on what’s happened so far with Snak The Ripper and Madchild.


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