Snak The Ripper vs Madchild Beef

Snak The Ripper vs Madchild Beef

In case some of you Juggalos and Juggalettes have heard, Snak The Ripper vs Madchild Beef War has officially been happening for over a week now.

It started late Wednesday night on October 28th with Madchild‘s tweet, which was then deleted.

However, the damage was done and a diss war was about to start.

24 hours later, Snak The Ripper puts out his response to Madchild.  The video ends with Madchild‘s voicemail apology about his tweet.

It took days, five to be exact, for Madchild to respond with a video.

First, he put up a video on his Facebook page stating,

“Yo, to all my fans and family.  I’m just finishing up my tour.  Best believe I got all my peoples back and a response is on its way.”

Finally, “The Funeral” made its way to Youtube.  Check out the track.

Not even a full 24 hours later, “Child Abuse” comes out.


The day before Snak The Ripper put out “Child Abuse,” he tweeted:

Now it’s been a day since Snak The Ripper put out his latest music video, and everyone is waiting for Madchild to respond.


Take a look at some other disses towards Madchild.  Brevner, who appeared on Madchild‘s Dope Sick album, released “Waterloo,” and Tre Nyce, who appeared on Swollen Members‘ album Armed to the Teeth, released “#Sadchild.”



Also, before any other diss videos went out after Snak The Ripper‘s first, “Assisted Suicide,” Madchild had challenged Snak The Ripper to a KOTD battle.

However, Snak The Ripper has said this via Facebook.

“Those of you asking about a @KOTD battle, let me say this: Thats not gonna happen. I offered this beef to KOTD already just 2 days ago, and they didn’t want any part of it. So now that shit has hit the fan, I’m sure they will ask me to make it happen. Too bad, they already had their chance. The battle has already begun.”

“I’m not going to give another organization (KOTD) the opportunity to benefit financially from this battle.. especially when I already gave them the opportunity to do so. Also.. does anyone else feel like BUTTCHILD is just trying to buy some time? ”Hey Snak, battle me 6 months from now once I have time to prepare!” Fuck outta here. This motherfucker cant even keep up.”


Moka Only launches record label, Beautiful Records [News] - HipHopCanada.comLastly, as of today, Moka Only gives a response about the Snak The Ripper vs Madchild Beef.  Moka was brought into the beef when both Snak The Ripper and Madchild name-dropped him in their tracks.  Moka Only gives a response in this video as he refuses to pick sides in this beef.


“Bad beef.  Well first of all, I don’t know how it started.  I’ve been cool with both sides since the get-go, really.

“Last time I checked, they were cool with each other.  Everybody was friends.  I don’t know how it started, but it’s not my business.  Those are two grown men.  What they have that what went on personally between them, I don’t know about.  It’s not right for me to speculate publicly or jump inside of it.

Madchild put me in his rhyme about a line to kick Snak‘s head in.  It kinda took me by surprise.  Maybe Mad didn’t know I was cool with Snak.  I hit him up.  I’m always trying to be the peacekeeper.”

Check out the video to listen to the rest of Moka Only’s response.



Keep checking up on the beef through their Facebook pages (Snak and Mad) and their Twitters (Snak and Mad).




Madchild finally adds his newest piece to the beef.  Click here to check out the video and article.